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Archive Storage Boxes – Choosing The Right Ones

Archive storage boxes are a great solution when you need to protect your photographs and other valuable documents. Ideal if you need an efficient way to store your archives at work.  It’s important to invest in the right archive storage boxes. The right boxes should be convenient to use. Make browsing the archive as easy as possible and protect your documents.

Archive Storage Boxes

Start by asking yourself what the best way to store your documents would be. You might want to store your documents in a number of smaller boxes so that you can easily transport a portion of your archive or store it in different spots. This is also a good option if you need to organise your documents in different sections, for instance in chronological order or by topic.

Storing your documents in larger archive storage boxes is more convenient if you have a large quantity of documents. Or if indeed you expect your archive to grow at a fast pace. This is perfect if you have plenty of room to store your archive and do not need to organise your documents by category. Also if have an organisational system that would allow you to keep different types of documents in the same box.

Archive Storage Boxes & R-Kive Storage Boxes

There are a few features you should look for shopping for archive boxes. Look for boxes that are designed to be durable and that will protect your documents from humidity, dust and shocks. You should also look for boxes that are made with acid-free materials. This could cause damage to documents printed on paper. You might want to look for additional features depending on the kind of documents you want to store.

R-Kive Storage Boxes
Fellowes R-Kive Storage Boxes

It is best to order archive boxes in bulk. You will get a lower per unit price if you buy a quantity of boxes and will be able to save money on shipping. Besides, it might be difficult to find the same storage boxes later if you decide that you need more boxes as your archive is growing. Assess how many boxes you are going to need to start archiving your documents. Order enough additional boxes to keep up with the growth of your archive.

It’s worth checking that your storage boxes will allow you to properly store your documents and lever arch files. You might want to have your documents standing upright in the archive boxes. You may need to add some dividers so that you can easily find an item. You might need to have a certain amount of space between the documents you store. Look for storage boxes that will allow you to easily organise and preserve your documents.

Choosing the right storage boxes is so important

Choosing the right storage boxes for your archive is important because using low quality boxes could cause damages to your documents. It might be difficult to organise your archive and to find specific items if you do not use the right boxes. Start by asking yourself how many boxes you are going to need. How much room you have for the boxes and which features you are going to need to preserve the documents you want to archive.

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