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Peak PP330 A3 Laminator Review

The Stylishly Fast Peak PP330 A3 Laminator

If you are looking for a good reliable laminator for your office then Peak PP330 A3 laminator is made for you. It comes in a sleek metallic compact design and has the capability of laminating loads of documents on daily basis. So not only does it look good but it is also powerful enough to deliver great quality time after time. Peak PP330 A3 laminator costs you around £265 but it also comes with a two-year warranty.


Peak PP330 A3 laminator can laminate from ID to A3. As per its specifications, it is ideal to laminate papers of sizes A3. Flawless finish and that too at a very fast rate. Not only papers, it comes with a facility where you can use it to laminate photographs as well. So if you had an event in office and need to distribute loads of pics as a souvenir then get hold of this powerful Peak PP330 A3 Laminator. It can do that for you in no time at all. It has a laminating speed of 365mm/min making it one of the fastest laminators in the market.

It has a laminating width of 320mm and a maximum pouch thickness of 360 microns. So it is capable of giving you bubble free lamination in super fine quality in no time at all. Peak PP330 A3 Laminator has a warm-up time of only 5minutes.This means that you won’t have to wait for a long time to use it. With power and ready light indicators, you can know when your papers are laminated and ready to go. Although it goes to a laminating temperature of around 160C but it comes with a variable temperature control that allows you to use it at different temperatures ranging from 100 to 160C.

Apart from this, it comes with an anti-jam reverse mode. Peak PP330 A3 laminator is equipped with hot roller technology and larger motors which allow it to give a fast bubble-free laminating speed.


There are a few things that you might want to look into before you go on to buy Peak PP330 A3 laminator for your office.

  • It is a tad bit expensive compared to the other laminators available in the market. With a price from £265, it can be a little pricey for some.
  • It can support paper sizes up to A3 size. So if you work around with other paper sizes you might want to go for a different one.
  • Peak PP330 A3 laminator consumes a lot of power, around 450W. This means that not only is it a little expensive to buy but can be heavy in terms of electrical bills as well.
Peak PP330 A3 Laminator
Peak PP330 A3 Laminator

The Overall Verdict:

It is one great laminator to have around in your office; stylish, reliable and efficient. A handy device to have in your office to help you laminate huge piles of papers and photos at a very fast rate. A little pricey but then good things do not come cheap.

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