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Literature Sorters – Review Article

Literature sorters are ideal to be placed in your workplace or home because they are exceptional creations that you can add to sort your literature. Whilst there are a number of literature sorter articles that are thought to be good, here is our list of top 9:

Literature Sorters

Q-Connect Mail Sorter Black Literature Sorters

The Q-Connect Mail Sorter features a full 8 shelf literature sorters ideal for home, post room and office use. What’s special about this sorter is that it has been manufactured using corrugated board that comes with clear Perspex shelf edge strips that give an added strength. With an overall attractive black design, the sorter measures W495xD315xH280. It’s one of the most versatile and affordable sorters.

Safco Literature Organiser 12 Compartment Oak

The Safco Literature Organiser is another special organizer made out of compressed wood. With its laminated finish and corrugated fibre board shelves, the organizer features 12 compartments. Moreover, the size of the organizer measure W737 x D305 x H305mm.

Fellowes Literature Sorter A4 24 Compartment Dove Grey

The  Fellowes Literature Sorter A4 24 Compartment Dove Grey is a unique literature sorter that offers many different pigeon holes for sorting a range of literature including mails and others. Made out of melamine laminated particle board shell for a long, uninterrupted life, this literature sorter is easy to construct and is available in such a pleasant color that you can place it anywhere in your work place. The literature sorter is grey in colour and has 24 compartments. Its dimensions measure W737 x D302 x H594mm.

Safco 36 Compartment Literature Organiser Oak

The Safco 36 Compartment Literature Organiser has a medium oak compartment size. It’s usual dimensions measure W229 x D298 x H64mm for the 12 compartments rack, W737 x D305 x H305 for the 24 compartments rack, W737 x D305 x H597mm for the 36 compartments rack and W737 x D305 x H876mm for the pack size. The Safco 36 Compartment Literature Organiser Oak is unique and can hold a lot of books and materials, thanks to the amount of compartments it has.

Styro 12 Compartment Literature Organiser Grey and Blue

Available in a unit of 12 compartments with extension units available too, the Styro 12 Compartment Literature Organiser Grey and Blue features a unique modular system which is helpful in providing a flexible solution to organisation and literature storage. Every unit has a number of compartments that will allow you to easily hold your literary material when you like. Moreover, there are extension units available as well that will allow you to build using your own specifications.

Safco 24 Compartment Literature Organisers Oak

The Safco 24 Compartment Literature Organiser is a wooden literature organizer that is made out of durable corrugated fibreboard inserts in order to form unique, 24 sized compartments. The organizer is suitable for holding different literature supplies and stationary alike. Moreover, the labelling area on the compartment is made out of black plastic moulding. The dimensions of the compartment literature organizer measure W29 x D12x H23.5 inches, which is decent in its own right. The dimensions make the rack easy to place and carry around whenever needed.

Styro 6 Compartment Jumbo Literature Organisers Grey and Blue

The Styro 6 Compartment Jumbo Literature Organiser is unique, as far as the colours and compartment spaces are concerned. In fact, the spaces of the compartments are such that you can easily hold anything that you want to and like in it. It’s easy to carry around and an interesting choice of literature organiser.

Indesign Clear Display Sphere

The Indesign Clear Display Sphere is one of a unique in its kind. With an eye catching display, it is good for both retail and other use. Moreover, it is a good choice for carrying small items such as cards and sweets, which is incredible, considering its compact size. The Indesign Clear Display has a sphere design and has hand holes that you can easily access. Moreover, there are two different halves in the Indesign Clear Display and it has a diameter of 210mm, which makes it ideal for placing anywhere you like. You can easily hold a lot of small things such as cards and others in it because it is that convenient to use.

Fellowes Literature Sorters A4 36 Compartment Dove Grey

The Fellowes Literature Sorter A4 36 Compartment Dove Grey offers a new range of pigeon holes for sorting different types of literature and mail alike. Made using melamine laminated particle board shells for a long inundated life, these come with a corrugated board driver system. Moreover, they are also very easy to construct and since are grey in colour, they are ideal to place in your home. The dimensions of the literature sorter measure W737 x D302 x H881MM, making its dimensions ideal for placing anywhere in your home.

Fast Paper 9 Compartment A4 Sorter

The Fast Paper 9 Compartment A4 Sorter is a nine compartment sorter that keeps both sales, forms, literature and the active files all at your finger tips. The compartment sorter is made out of high impact polystyrene and is great for intensive use. It is long lasting and has dimensions measuring W750 x D328 x H232mm.

While there are many different literature sorters, holders and organisers, some of the best ones have been listed above. They are unique, compact and can be used according to how you like; and the best part? They are affordable!

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